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About the project

The IKAROS TBU SCIENCE project (Institutional Quality and Development of the Science Strategy at TBU in Zlín) is focused on completing the system of strategic and managerial management of the TBU research organization in Zlín. The aim of one of its key activities is to create and implement an institutional Open Access policy.

Open access policies ensure that that the results of the research funded by the research funding organization are freely available to all who are interested and who need them.

At present, the policy of open access at TBU is governed by the Rector’s Decision 3/2019, on the basis of which the TBU Library makes articles for which the publishing policy of publishers allows it available in the TBU Repository.

Open Access at universities

The goal of Open Access university policies is to publish research results in electronic form. Published texts of university staff can be made available to the public, for example through repositories. A number of major world universities (MIT, Harvard University, University of Southampton, etc.) have already signed up to support open access.

Open Access policy is also important to universities in terms of tracking publication fees (APCs), where universities will know exactly how much they are paying for subscriptions to full-text electronic resources and how much do they pay for Open Access. The sum of subscription prices and APCs indicates the amount that can then be negotiated – either a reduction in subscription prices or discounts on future publication fees. Of course, the data collected in this way could be used not only for comparison with conditions abroad, but can also be useful for negotiating national (CzechELib) or institutional conditions of open publishing.